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The Orphans and Widows Housing

We believe that no child should be separated from their mother. In a society like ours, the financial burdens on a widow are too heavy, specially one with minimal working skills and education. Many of the children at orphanages are there for financial reasons. This is where our 27,000m project’s importance is portrayed. The Orphans and Widows Housing is a unique eco-friendly project where the widows and their orphaned children live in healthy empowering environment. We will sponsor the orphans throughout their school years and technical institutes until they enter the work field. We will also provide care, education and skill building programs to the widows then provide jobs within the project.

This project will care for the physical, educational and psychological wellbeing of the families. It includes: 79 studios, primary, middle and secondary schools, a technical institute, and a medical center. Also, for ensuring financial sustainability, the project will also include: a supermarket, warehouses, a wedding venue, playgrounds and a central catering kitchen, all of which the residents in Bchamoun and neighboring areas will benefit from and support.


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